a Rookie </br>  Mindset

a Rookie

The ability to see with fresh eyes


Why? To live and work on the steep side of the learning curve

Knowledge has become a fly-by-night commodity. Innovation cycles spin so quickly that, despite years of experience and success, more than 50% of what we know might become irrelevant in the next 10 years. What matters now, more than ever, is that we seek out new paths and open ourselves up to learning. We are planting the seeds of continual self-renewal deeply within organizations and all its people. Using the traits of the rookie mind as the tender and essential ingredients for this unique, developmental journey.

#1 Curiosity
Let go of what we already know and become wondrous again. When we adopt the eyes of a traveler and learn to put assumptions aside, we can broader our perspectives and see new possibilities. What is needed is an environment safe enough for asking questions.

#2 Humility
Accept that we don’t know everything. Being humble is about recognizing our own limitations and mobilizing the expertise of others. If we are able to make the connection, we can learn through our relationships and use the collective wisdom. This requires a setting where we feel free to say what we think, even if it is controversial.

#3 Courage
Forge ahead into new territory and try stuff. Using that little bit of naivety and a bunch of positivity. Courage is not jumping in impulsively. It’s about the accumulation of small steps, taking smart risks and building resilience to overcome setbacks and face your fears. What is important is a culture that tolerates mistakes in the face of learning by doing.

We are developing the rookie mind. Customized programs on the steep side of the learning curve. When you are able to unlock the creative spirit and open yourself to learning, every day will be a chance to improve as you go.