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How do people, teams and organizations deal with a constantly changing environment? How can organizations stay relevant for their customers and interesting for their employees? And how can you activate the creative potential in your organization in uncertain times?
The same goes for people and organizations alike: if you want to make progress, you will have to make a change. Development and innovation require a behavioural change: an open, empathic attitude, a willingness to experiment and the ability to cope with uncertainty.

our approach

Using Design Thinking, we develop the learning capacity of organizations, teams and people and activate their creative intelligence. Based on the four steps that make up a design process, we will work from a specific question or problem to a concrete, impactful approach or solution. With our (online) workshops and tailor-made training courses, you will learn to master the mindset and skills of a designer and apply them to your own work. We have helped people, organizations and teams with the following development and innovation questions:

  • How can we, as an organization, improve how we respond to the changing needs of our customers, employees and/or users?
  • How can we, as a team, make better use of each other’s knowledge, wisdom and creativity?
  • How can we make the most of the knowledge of our business associates to improve our services?
  • How can we stimulate cooperation and co-creation in devising and designing solutions for the future?
adopt design thinking
to create a learning mindset

Design Thinking is a practical, creative way of thinking and doing things, centred around the human aspect of development and innovation questions. A method you can learn. The best way to learn is by doing, together with others, because Design Thinking is all about co-creation.

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Annemarijn Hoorens
Annemarijn Hoorens
Everyone has to deal with a world that is constantly moving and changing. Relating to these dynamics is a creative journey. My favorite topic is therefore: Design Thinking