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Speed is a game changer and being able to move at high velocity is essential. To keep up and stay responsive, we must tackle the dynamic business environment of uncertainty, turbulence and constant changes in assumptions. Traditional performance management has run its course. It does not make us the quickly adjustable and human organizations we need to be. The flexibility of a control system needs to at least match the volatility of its environment.

getting there

To take reality seriously demands a radically different approach. We need to create human-orientated frameworks, designed consciously, for teams and people to perform within. With different and wider boundaries but also with new and improved rules of the game. There is a lot of work involved to clear our minds of the old paradigms, all the stuff that work more as barriers than support for great performance, and to reconcile the need for flexibility with organizational cohesion. To transform we have to make two major shifts:

  • From functional hierarchies to devolved organizational structures. Rather than being imposed, control must be embedded within the organizational design. Strengthen by self-regulation, instead of the outdated focus on command and control structures.
  • From fixed annual budgets to flexible business planning. Measure performance relatively and in a meaningful way, forecast dynamically and only when required, plan and reallocate resources continuously and reward shared success. In other words: embrace the dynamics of uncertainty instead of assuming that we can predict the future with confidence.

Organizations that are able to respond effectively to their environment and mobilize the energies and talents of their people, will be able to capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead. To enable performance all we need are operating systems based on adaptive processes and distributed decision-making. Start small and learn by doing. We will be there to help you unpick old practices and fashion new ones.

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Conrad Faber
Conrad Faber
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