Reshaping work

The structure of work is changing. The world is becoming one big network and the acceleration of connectivity has created an ever-increasing rate of change. To keep up with this fast-paced world and to stay responsive, you constantly need to create flexible and far-flung knowledge combinations. Because only flatly organized, spread-out network organizations that are built to learn and adapt, are going to be able to survive.

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We are the new generation of professionals. Outgoing individuals from all walks of life. Organized working nomads, brought together by a shared passion in community building and future revolutionizing. We aren’t tied to one place, we will not restrict ourselves to the confines of an office space and we sure as hell won’t let ourselves get trapped in the 9 to 5 grind. Instead, we embrace freedom and flexibility. We love working on the fringes without losing the quality of human interaction, and we are passionate about tackling many different challenges head-on. We have one purpose: to reshape our society’s collective future.

We love to be your go-to network of tried and trusted self-employed professionals. If you are looking to distribute your roles in Legal, Controlling and HR, be sure to use our expertise and knowledge whenever you want. For example to:

  • handle your legal affairs;
  • tackle your compliance, integrity and privacy issues;
  • draft your contracts and agreements mindfully;
  • (re)structure your corporate culture and talent management;
  • execute your business controlling & reporting.

Talent is everywhere. Break out of your traditional business constraints, become more receptive and get access to the most qualified and energized people out there. We enable you to swiftly scale up and down, in order for you to meet your always shifting business priorities.


Meet the new generation’s
appetite for freedom and flexibility
Merlijn Mazairac
Merlijn Mazairac
I love to connect, I have a strong opinion and I take nothing for granted. I’m also someone who loves to knock on doors, especially when they seem to be closed.