an everyone organization

Our way forward is to liberate the heroic spirit of business and our collective entrepreneurial creativity, so we can be free to solve the many daunting challenges we face and live our rookie mind. We have shattered the stuffy hierarchy and smashed old school capitalism to create an everyone organization. By embracing three basic cornerstones:

A shared belief
We are a bunch of people brought together by a shared belief that real vibrancy comes when we keep looking at the world through rookie eyes. If we enable everybody to tap into this beautiful, unencumbered rookie mindset, we can all contribute passionately to the extraordinary opportunities that lie in front of us.
We are designed to uncover and liberate entrepreneurial creativity at all levels in our organization. We encourage people to make decisions and take initiative by removing bureaucracy and management bottlenecks. If we maximize contribution, instead of compliance, we are able to outrun change and become as capable as the people who work within.
Collective ownership
For us, ownership is more than just an attitude. More than a sense of personal power and the responsibility that comes with it. It’s also about sharing risk, funding capital and shareholder participation. We have rooted ownership inclusively, within our organizational design.

We put human beings, not structures, processes or methods at the center of our organization. To unleash the rookie spirit, that’s the promise of our everyone organization!

causing good trouble

We are causing good trouble to humanize work. Causing good trouble isn’t about being anarchic for anarchy sake. It’s the kind of trouble that generates change and brings ideals to life. It’s this little chaos that creates space for improving the conditions you work in and the practices we work by.

Stand Up
Drawing strength and gathering inspiration by asking questions, dumping assumptions and challenging the status quo. Pondering purpose and meaning of just about everything. From life to work and everything in between.
Setting the direction by defining the rebellion that speaks your truth. Choose the principles, values and ideals that you are willing to fight for. You need to know where you’re headed and hold on to that, because it’s easy to lose your way.
It’s time to become more ruthless. Take a deep breath, bend and break the rules, but most importantly rewrite the codes that sparks your imagination. Rebuilding the articles that makes you proud is a right and responsible thing to do.

rookie minds

The rookie mind is about how we tend to think and act when we are doing something for the first time. The way we operate when we are new to something important, thriving on that steep ascent. It is a state of mind – one that is available to those willing to unlearn and relearn. Instead of adhering to a late sense of mastery, it’s about living and working perpetually on the steep side of the learning curve. When we look at the world through rookie eyes, we can free ourselves from the past, awaken our natural curiosity, adopt a simple humility, revel in the change to play and then forge ahead into new territory. No matter how old you are, no matter your level of experience. It is a choice for each of us.

slice of the pie

We have broken with the habits of old school capitalism and have liberated ourselves from the assumption that there is a difference between the people who own the company and the people who do the hard work. At The Rookie Minds we all share ownership! You can get your slice of that pie, but not without obligations. These are the responsibilities that come with it.

The organization
We all ensure the financial health of our organization and share rewards, profit and the cost of living. But we also tackle our entrepreneurial risks and take action whenever needed. Decisions made in The Gathering, by one rookie one vote.
And its people
We truly care and feel a deep sense of responsibility for the lives we touch. People are the heart and soul of everything we do. We do everything we can to create an environment in which we can realize our gifts, apply and develop our talents, and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment for our contribution.

The Rookie Minds is the instrument, our vehicle, to have a meaningful and fulfilling life and live our rookie mind.

the words we live by

We are The Rookie Minds and these words are the roadmap for our incredible journey. Our moral compass for the type of culture we are continuously building. The daily values on our path to live our rookie mind.

We are Rookies forever
We are looking at the world through rookie eyes. We celebrate our unencumbered mind; that insatiable curiosity, plain humility and a bunch of courage. Pushing the boundaries of our talents, with a little bit of naivety and a truckload of optimism. Even our gray-haired veterans.
With a spark of joy
Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Life is there for the living. We smile, breath, celebrate and make every moment count. Injecting the spirit of fun and a little bit of craziness into everything we do. With the world as a playground. And a healthy disregard for the impossible.
We love to humanize work
This is our true north. Driving human initiative to outrun change. Our desire to never settle for things as they are and challenge everything. By causing good trouble. The kind of trouble that creates change and brings ideals to life.
Always simplify
Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. It means eliminating all but the essential, getting rid of the clutter and taking out everything that is secondary. But most important the courage to honor each other’s perspectives, instead of complicated rules.
And without US, WE are nothing
Fulfilling hopes and dreams is about bringing together amazing people. We are about people. People are the heart and soul of everything we do. All our passionate, enthusiastic, and creative people make us the company we are. We are The Rookie Minds.

The Rookie Minds is a story in the process of being written, and with these principles you better believe it will become a page turner.