Human Centric DNA

Human Centric DNA

Embedding your core values


Speed is a game changer and being able to move at high velocity is essential. In this ever-changing workplace, company culture is more important than ever. It’s crucial to govern organizations through shared values to keep up and stay responsive, tackle the dynamics of your business environment, or simply survive in a chaotic environment. Without a strong culture you don’t have the quality of motivated, passionate people needed to deliver great products or services and to stay ahead of the game and grow as you go along.

A company’s culture is a collective belief system and shared consciousness. It governs the ways people think, feel and act; even when no one is looking. It is your human centric DNA, your genetic code and your moral compass. A great culture will drive and guide everything you do.Your culture isn’t a given and has to be earned. Like reputation, it takes years to build a good culture. Maintaining and growing; it is fundamental to your success. It takes only a few missteps to mess it all up.

A successful company culture is one that is bought into by everyone. This starts by living and breathing your core values. At The Rookie Minds they were always there. Together with my fellow founders we set the tone. The foundation was driven by our legacy.

Everlasting core values do not arise overnight. It took us several years of evolving and maintaining to get them right. An ongoing process of breaking the conventions that constraint our truth, choosing what we are really stand for, and finally rewriting the articles that makes us proud. We have found our shared ethos, embodied them, and lived them out. Anchored in concrete; guiding everything we do. These are our core values, the words we live by:

Core values are the glue which ties everything together if they are actioned. They are the very fabric of the company’s culture. Great core values are authentic, honest, and real. You need to live and breathe what you believe in with verve. Otherwise, they’re just words on paper.


A must-read book in relation to this blog: Business for Punks by James Watt.