We handle legal affairs consciously
We handle legal affairs consciously
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When you tag a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world. Such is the case with doing business, which is an intricate and interconnected web of relationship. But when you take a clear-eyed look at conventional legal practices, what do you see? Attempts to predict, control and cover all possible problems and risks. One-sided, at the expense of the other party. To create a healthy, sustainable and resilient business we need to optimize the value creation for all our involved stakeholders.

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We are breaking with the habits and logic of the conventional, one-sided legal mindset. Contributing to an inclusive and inter-connected way of work by handling all your legal affairs consciously. What are the cornerstones of our conscious approach?

#1. Clarity

Each conversation starts with time for reflection. Time for pursuing clarity about underlying values and purpose of the people and parties involved. It is a true meeting of the minds and hearts. Getting clear about who we are, why we are entering this relationship and what we are willing to give. It gives us the yardstick and the guidance that make choices easier.

#2. Openness

Consciousness is built on a foundation of transparency, with all stakeholders being willing to share motivations and even being willing to show some vulnerability. There are no hidden agendas, no concealed clauses, and the language is meant for the users, not for some judge to interpret. We need to make things work, instead of obscuring information.

#3. Responsiveness

Relationships are organic. We have to recognize the reality of addressing change, managing conflicts and the need for continuous communication on the fly. Shifting from an adversarial and competitive stance to one of collaboration and co-creative problem-solving.

We believe that legal services could be more meaningful, provide real value and be more human. If we serve relationships based on mutual comprehension, self-responsibility and co-creating, we can anticipate positively to crisis, change and conflict. We want to evolve the legal profession into a more conscious, creative and collaborative practice of peacemakers, problem-solvers and agents of transformation.

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if you see the interdependencies,
you can discover and harvest synergies
Merlijn Mazairac
Merlijn Mazairac
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