We handle legal affairs consciously
We handle legal affairs consciously
conscious behaviour


We are breaking with the habits and logic of the conventional, one-sided legal mindset. Contributing to an inclusive and inter-connected way of work. Our relationship with others is one of mutual benefit and enhancement. If we act more meaningful and be more human, we are able to create sustainable relationships and optimize the value creation of everybody involved.

getting there

We deliver our legal service in a different, conscious way. These are the cornerstones of our conscious approach:


#1 Empathize

Being on your team and offering pragmatic and knowledgeable advice is what we were born to do. It starts with the premise that you can’t create solutions if you don’t know the people who the solutions are there to serve. The heart of each conversation is to empathize and listen more deeply. It is only by understanding the underlying beliefs, motivations and needs that delivered solutions will be of true value.

#2 Always simplify

We draft, rewrite and visualize awesome, heart-led legal documents. Beautifully designed and with words written in plain language that everyone can understand. Documents that fulfill their legal function and also address change. A delight for all users. We always simply because contracts, policies and procedures are about creating clear understandings so everyone can work together better.

#3 Shift perceptions

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Law is a tool for making a society better, not an end in itself. We provide tailor-made workshops, talks, and training & coaching sessions to stimulate the benefits of conscious behaviour. Learning to embrace a restless imagination, and a deep empathy in our day-to-day decisions and actions, for the people whose lives we affect.

We believe that there is a need for a paradigm shift in how legal people think. Legal services could be increasingly more engaging. We want to evolve the legal profession into a human-centered practice and become more creative, collaborative, and understanding.

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if you see the interdependencies,
you can discover and harvest synergies
Merlijn Mazairac
Merlijn Mazairac
Een Rookie Mind is van nature nieuwsgierig, energiek en altijd vol ideeën. En zeker een tikje idealistisch. C’est moi! Ga met mij in gesprek en je krijgt inzichten die je eerder nog niet kreeg. Waarom? Omdat ik altijd wil weten wat er écht speelt.