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Add the meaningful


My motto is: don’t let rules, regulations or procedures get in the way of more meaningful things. I like driving human initiative and making impact. Therefore, my favorite topic is: Always Simplify.

How I humanize work?

It’s no fun going to a job where you feel like your existence has little to no impact. Deep down, we all want our work to have meaning, importance, and significance, and be trusted by your co-workers and organization. All without the need to overcomplicate things.

But when you take a clear-eyed look at conventional HR practices, what do you see? Rules and procedures are leading. Some are based on laws and regulations, but the vast majority are self-invented by people. It has become common practice to turn incidents into new rules, which are then elevated to the goal.

To me Humanizing Work is about always simplify. It’s about the courage to put people first, put trust in them and honor their perspectives, instead of creating complicated rules and regulations. Decide what you truly need and get rid of the clutter, so you are left with only that which gives you real value. We all want to be trusted and make our voices heard to make a difference. HR has the power to create an environment in which people can do so. If we remove obstacles and make execution as effortless as possible, we make the wisest possible investment of our time and energy.

How Always Simplify can humanize your work!




Clarify how you want to interact with each other.



Decide what you truly need and get rid of the clutter.



Show the guts to trust and honor each other perspectives.



Suppress rules and regulations.

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