Collective </br> Ownership


Break the rules


It’s a lot of fun to shatter the stuffy hierarchy, to make people the heart and soul of everything you do and live your Rookie Mind. My favorite topic is therefore: collective ownership.

How I humanize work?

To me Humanizing Work means that we run the business together and own the company together. The challenge is how to achieve this in a simple and dynamic way. Simple, because you don’t want to go to the notary every time. Dynamic, so that you can always redistribute the ownership if the composition of the team changes.

A great solution is to transfer the beneficial ownership of the shares by means of “tokens”. The essence of the system is that the beneficial ownership is broken down into digital pieces and that these “tokens” are traded through blockchain technology on your own digital platform. Within The Rookie Minds, we have divided the tokens equally among everyone. Are we doing well? Then we share the profits. Is it going a bit less? Then we solve the problems together. Just like you do when you own the company.

How Collective Ownership can humanize your work!




Clarify why you want to share beneficial ownership.



Design your participation policy & agreement and choose a digital platform.



Reflect on ownership and facilitate the token holder meeting.



Develop an ownership attitude.

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