Conscious </br> Contracting


Honesty is the best policy


What makes me tick? Honesty, trust and attention. To me Humanizing Work is about creating meaningful relationships. If we act more meaningful and be more human, we are able to create sustainable relationships and optimize the value creation of everybody involved. Therefore, my favorite topic is: Conscious Contracting.

How I humanize work?

Organizations are a complex network of relationships. One of shared values and mutual interests. But when you take a clear-eyed look at conventional negotiation and drafting practices, what do you see? Attempts to predict, control, and cover all possible problems and risks. One-sided, at the expense of the other party, and incomprehensible for non-lawyers.

Conscious contracting is a tool for stakeholders to work together. A conscious design of their ideal and intended relationship and set in place their own values-oriented structures and systems for coping with change, addressing conflicts, and managing crises, instead of arming for war. In plain language that everyone can understand, not only for judges or lawyers to interpret. Living, dynamic working documents that focus on mutual intentions and sustainable relationships.

How Conscious Contracting can humanize your work!




Define the (shared) dream and values of the parties involved. They form the ‘heart’ of your contract.



Draw up the format of your contract and determine how you want to give substance to your principles in practice.



Use feedback or a facilitator to fully master the conscious contracting process in the daily practice.



Learn people what conscious contracting means for them and how they can apply it.

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