Design </br> Thinking


Use your creative energy!


Everyone has to deal with a world that is constantly moving and changing. Relating to these dynamics is a creative journey. A matter of learning by doing, finding your way through uncertainty, and coping with the challenges that come your way.

My favorite topic is therefore: Design Thinking.

How I humanize work?

As a Design Thinker I help people, teams and organizations to discover their creative potential, to be able to navigate through the uncertainty of life and turn problems into opportunities.

Design Thinking is a creative way to solve real problems for people. It helps with researching and understanding their problems, co-creating solutions and testing ideas. At every level, for every function, in every organization and industry, Design Thinking gives you the tools you need to deal with uncertainty and start discovering creative and valuable opportunities that improve the quality of life for people, their environment and society

This requires an unbiased attitude and courage to look at the world with an open mind. Because you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done while dealing with the unknown. That can be very daunting or uncomfortable, and that’s because it is.
But no worries; this is something you can learn. You mainly learn by doing together with others, because Design thinking is co-creation. Moreover, you will be helped by a lot of handy tools that offer you structure and guidance during the process.

How Design Thinking can humanize your work!




Create a culture where people feel safe to experiment, collaborate, fail and learn.



Design flexible structures and processes which invites people to constantly monitor their environment.



Encourage people to gain certainty and knowledge by learning by doing, and reflecting on their actions.



Invite people to face challenges with curiosity and an open and unbiased mind.

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