Humanizing </br> Legal


Be the change you want to see in the world


Law is nothing without people. Every legal file has a face. Do not dwell on the law, but have an eye for the people behind it and be curious about their needs.

My favorite topic is therefore: Humanizing Legal.

How I humanize work?

I analyze, ask questions and always remain focused. And I am prepared: my eye, tongue and pen are sharp! As a lawyer I am involved, practical and a different thinker. Does everyone walk to the right? Then I run to the left. Unexpected, alternative and off the beaten track. However, always with one goal in mind: to bring the people behind a legal file further. Little things can make a big difference if you have an eye for the human aspect within legal.

How Humanizing Legal can humanize your work!




Create a culture with a clear vision about your human centric view on legal with practical en recognizable core values.



Design your contracts and legal processes towards your desired culture.



Encourage people to act freely in the spirit of your core values.



Invite people to rethink about their own inward mindset regarding the human handling of legal files.

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