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Break the rules


It’s a lot of fun to shatter the stuffy hierarchy, to make people the heart and soul of everything you do and live your Rookie Mind. My favorite topic is therefore: self-organization.

How I humanize work?

To me Humanizing Work means creating an environment in which everybody has the space to express their voice and can work to their natural best. Self-organization is a very powerful way of working together.

In essence, it’s about driving human initiative and offering the opportunity to contribute on a day-to-day basis. By removing bureaucracy and management bottlenecks we can uncover and liberate creativity at all levels in an organization, encourage people to make smarts decisions and give every human being at work the opportunity to flourish.

Working in a self-organizing way is not ‘just’ everyone’s cup of tea and a transition to self-organization is not an easy process. It is exciting and challenging, and requires clear frameworks, methods and practices to make it work. But it is achievable!

And when all the ingredients are properly implemented and embraced, it’s a great asset in understanding and addressing the increasing complexity organizations face.

How Self-Organization can humanize your work!




Identify your unique, people-orientated, DNA that you want to create or strengthen.



Secure these values within the structure of your organizational design.



Guide teams during their daily activities in the desired, self-organizing behaviour.



Train people to master these new, self-organizing rules of the game.

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