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A Rookie Mind is a joy forever!


That’s what I love about The Rookie Minds: everything is possible. And we are always open to new initiatives and embrace everyone’s unique ideas and talents. My favorite topic is therefore: StrengthsFinder.

How I humanize work?

I’m a big fan of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder theory. It is an ideal tool for humanizing your organization and developing your people. The essence of this theory is that you achieve more if you use someone’s strengths; that which naturally energizes a person. This is much more rewarding than trying to improve someone’s weaknesses.

All our Rookies are subject to the StrengthsFinder detector. Not as a selection criterion. For us, it is the way to gain insight into yourself – your strengths and your pitfalls – but also in cooperation with others and the dynamics in the team. Every time I organize a StrengthsFinder session, I notice what the impact is of this different approach. People who have been working together for years suddenly get to know each other better and are able to understand each other’s behaviour. It stimulates cooperation enormously.

How StrengthsFinder can humanize your work!




Identify how StrengthsFinder can reinforce your human centric DNA.



Incorporate StrengthsFinder into your human development program.



Arrange StrengthsFinder sessions and learn to understand each other’s behaviour.



Let everyone do the StrengthsFinder-detector.

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