be the change

You are unique. It’s time for you to find your unique way of embodying the change and transform into a progressive organization! A company that adopts change. No big reorganizations, but constantly evolving by means of small experiments. No revolution, but evolution. Implementing trust, innovation and engagement step by step. Create safety, dare to fail and include everyone. Use the methodology. A proven way, inspired by proven practices from product innovation and development. Start small, start now!

our approach

By using the methodology, we help you to become a responsive organization that is able to quickly adjust and connect to our unpredictable world. Uncharted waters lie ahead. Be brave and we will help you to navigate them smoothly. Not by telling you what to do, but by disrupting the status quo and prototyping together.

We start this continuous journey by:

  • Following the tension and reframe it into a challenge
  • Brainstorming possible solutions and designing prototypes
  • Experiencing the prototypes in a small timeframe on a small scope
  • Creating a rhythm for continuous evolution in every level of the organization
this will be the last organizational
transformation you’ll ever need

The opportunities are endless when you are in a constant rhythm of change. Tackle every obstacle with the speed of innovation and you will flourish as you have never done before. We will be there to give you a kickstart and guide you through the process of constant evolution, we love co-creation.

Be curious! Let’s have a chat and be the change!

Edwin van der Geest
Edwin van der Geest
Unleashing as much potential energy as possible in organizations, that is my ultimate goal. Remove all obstructive factors, so that people truly flourish and change from within will follow naturally. This philosophy also characterizes The Rookie Minds. That's where we clicked.