“We care about the people behind the dispute"
“We care about the people behind the dispute
anticipate humanely

The dynamics of dispute committees, complaints procedures and objection cases are unpredictable and always changing. People are getting more empowered and want to be heard. We are continuously connected with each other, which means topical issues spread fast and more cases are being presented. Fortunately, technological developments enable us to anticipate this smartly and flexibly and organize work differently. Without losing sight of the human factor.

our approach

With our Registrar Service we anticipate your dynamic environment of complaints, disputes and objections. In our capacity of permanent backup, we will handle activities remotely or we form a temporary safety net and offer assistance for tried and trusted legal secretaries, court clerks and legal assistants. We break with the customs and logics of the conventional judicial mentality and we treat all your legal disputes on the basis of shared values and with respect for mutual opinions and relationships. You can contact us for the following, among other things:

  • the handling of cases in the broadest sense of the word;
  • chairing and keeping minutes at hearings;
  • preparing and drafting rulings.

In particular, our Registrar Service focus on committees and tribunals within national, provincial and local governments, dealing with complaints from healthcare organisations and court clerk functions at courts. We solve problems, come up with ideas and create order. Always with a keen eye for the social context, with a lot of empathy for the relationship with civilians and using clear language. Everything is aimed at contributing to an inclusive and mutually connected society.

Curious? Then let’s explore the possibilities.

every complaint is an opportunity
and there’s a person behind every dispute
Danielle Gijzen-Janssen
Danielle Gijzen-Janssen
I am a legal counsel through and through. Analyzing and providing legal advice and solutions is what I thoroughly enjoy. To transform a negative situation into a positive one is my pragmatic and distinctive approach.