Rookie Manifest

Living the Rookie mind.

We believe that if we are able to look at the world through rookie eyes, and if we have the courage to make the deliberate choice to bring this perspective to work, we can move organizations and humanity forwards and tackle our planet’s biggest challenges.

Rookie minds have these tender and essential ingredients to deal with the extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead. An insatiable curiosity. The unstoppable hunger to discover and learn, that makes them lifelong students. The guts to go further. With a little bit of naivety, a truckload of optimism and an intentional, but calculated, approach for achieving goals. And a simple humility. Despite all their talents, they recognize their own limitations, feeling comfortable to reach out for guidance and help.

When we tap into this hopeful, unencumbered mindset and organizations create the space and get out of the way, everybody can contribute impassionately to something that really matters now.