The foundation of Humanizing Work

The foundation of Humanizing Work

Fundamental needs


Humanizing Work is about continuously improving the conditions we work in and the practices we work by. It’s about putting people at the centre of everything we do. When we drive human initiative, everybody can contribute passionately to the challenges we face and capitalize on the opportunities that lie before us.

The foundation of Humanizing Work is formed by the fundamental needs of human beings. If we have a deep understanding about what motivates people to do what they do and how they find meaning in life, we can create environments in which people can work to their natural best. We can build inspiring cultures, design comprehensive structures, cultivate curious mindsets and encourage conscious behavior. What are the four basic needs people need to meet to live their best working lives?

#1 Being part of a community

Everybody strives for a level of connection and affiliation with people around them. Everyone wants to be a part of a larger community. We want to be cared for and feel a closeness with like-minded people. Being part of something bigger than ourselves. A community, a culture that breathes a shared vision and passion to make a difference and break new ground together.

#2 Having our voice heard

Deep down, we all want our work to have meaning, importance, and significance. It’s no fun going to a job where you feel like your existence has little to no impact. Everyone is eager to make their voice heard to make a difference. Everybody has the need to work within structures that encourage human initiative and make it possible to make a contribution to your organization every day.

#3 Developing ourselves

We all have the desire to have the opportunity to develop our abilities and become better at something that matters. Continuously stimulating our learnership mindset and being challenged to use and expand on our strengths. The feeling that we are growing and progressing in our career.

#4 Forming meaningful relationships

Our need for an inclusive and interconnected way of working together. Experiencing positive, trusting connections with others. One of shared values, mutual interests, and conscious behaviour. Feeling that sense of belonging, acceptance, and support.

Real vibrancy comes when we put people at the heart of everything we do. By focussing on the fundamental needs of human beings, we drive human initiative to tackle the increasing complexity and many challenges modern business is facing. What emerges is that we create the necessary adaptivity and responsiveness to maximize performance and keep up with the pace of our ever changing world. But most importantly organizations become as capable as the people who work within. Wouldn’t that be great?