The Fred Factor

The Fred Factor

How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

Mark Sanborn met his postman, Fred, just after he moved to Denver. Fred knocked on his door, introduced himself and welcomed him to the neighborhood. He also asked Sanborn about himself and how he wanted his mail handled while he was away. Needless to say, Sanborn was shocked. He asked Fred more about his job and how he approached it. Fred’s answers inspired him to develop motivational seminars promoting Fred’s attitude and approach to life.

To embody the Fred philosophy is to realize and practice that:

  • Everyone can make a difference;
  • Success is built on good relationships;  
  • You must continually create value for others, and it doesn’t have to cost anything;  
  • You can reinvent yourself whenever you want.

In this succinct and inspiring guide, Sanborn shows us how we can all truly make a difference every day and become a ‘Fred’, as well as how to recognize, reward and attract Fred’s into our lives.


Why we love this book?

This book is a primer for better living. Inspired and driven by the story of a hard-working postman, it offers four important principles. These principles help to create fresh energy and creativity, and especially to inspire enthusiasm for all facets of life in today’s world.

We all want our work to have meaning, that’s one thing all people seem to have in common. It’s no fun going to a job where you feel like your existence has little to no impact. So, turn your job into one you love, not by doing different work, but by doing your work differently. Everything you do will become special if you do it with passion. That’s the simple secret of the Fred Factor

Our best-kept secret to competing successfully? We are only deploying Freds, everywhere in our organization!