Change and the many challenges it implies are the only constants. The way we organize ourselves to meet them is going to be crucial as we find our way through the twenty-first century. We all have to be set for faster, bolder and shorter adventures. If you’d like things to look different tomorrow or next year, then you need to take a deep breath and break some rules. It’s the little chaos that creates space for the beginning of new creations and opportunities.

Getting there

We help you to transform work and keep you up with this fast-paced world. Inspired by civil right leader John Lewis, we are a big believer in causing good trouble. The kind of trouble that creates change and brings ideas to life. A desire to never settle for things as they are, always want to be more than you thought you could be and be the voice to identify and make the action.

Stand up

Drawing strength by asking questions, dumping assumptions and challenging the status quo. Pondering the value, purpose, and meaning of just about everything. From life to work and the balance in between. Fully unconstrained, open-minded and then holding the nerve to actually see it through.


Bending, breaking, but most importantly rewriting the rules. It’s about continuously experimenting and a re-negotiation the rules to improve the conditions we work in and the codes we work by. Having the actions stand in contrast to the norm. Whatever it is that you feel the need to improve or change, you have to target it at its very foundations.

Scale up

Forging ahead deliberately and moving towards the goal with a great deal of intentionality. Continually adjusting the movements in response to an ongoing monitoring of the surroundings. If you want to turn the change into a movement, champion the change with unwavering integrity.

It’s time to take courage. To take on the world and win, you need to continuously identify the principles, values and ideas you are willing to fight for. We enable you to move at high velocity and become more ruthless. Everyday adapting to new challenging situations and determined to bring ideas to life!

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Causing good trouble
creates change and brings ideas to life
Annemarijn Hoorens
Annemarijn Hoorens
I support people, teams and organizations to solve development issues using Design Thinking. Through my background in the creative industry it was something I always did myself and now it is also something what I release in other people.