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People are the heartbeat of your company. When they flourish, your business thrives. Let’s make your team the core focus of your organization and unlock the secret to your success.

We specialize in helping companies place people at the center of every aspect of their business.


of employees worldwide don’t feel involved.

Let’s change that!

what we do


We help organizations uncover their identity and DNA. By establishing a clear purpose, mission, and core values, we help you to build a culture that everyone within your organization can be proud of. The result? An inspiring and deeply rooted culture!

Prioritizing people is key, but how do you achieve that? We help organizations define their long-term goals and the path to reach them. Together, we’ll uncover: What is your big dream? Where do you see your organization in the future? And what steps do you need to take now? We facilitate both the process of strategy formulation and planning as well as its implementation.

Sometimes organizations have policies, processes, and systems that no longer fully align with their DNA, and often, they hinder rather than facilitate. But, how can you change that? We work alongside you to craft customized structures that match your organization’s unique characteristics – from outstanding onboarding procedures to revamped contracts, cutting-edge development initiatives, and fresh recruitment strategies. This guarantees every aspect of your organization embodies your culture and identity.

We provide training and coaching to help individuals unlock their full potential. Using positive psychology and the Gallup StrengthsFinder method, we empower individuals to harness their unique strengths. Because when people can use their strengths to the fullest, they are more engaged, happier, and more productive.

From fostering mutual connections to setting goals, defining roles, and establishing work agreements, we help improve team collaboration. We further offer specialized guidance on self-organization and ownership issues. Our approach starts with recognizing each team member’s strengths and finding ways for everyone to use them effectively.

We train and coach entrepreneurs, executive teams, managers, and team leaders in “human” leadership. Our in-house leadership programs for people-oriented organizations help cultivate authentic leaders who empower their team to unlock their full potential.

The Rookie Minds sensed exactly what kind of company we are and they spoke our language. They were exactly what we needed!

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The Rookie Way

The Rookie Way

We are firm believers that people-centered organizing is only successful through an integrated approach. That’s why we tackle every issue with a holistic view, paying close attention to both the organization and its people.

Every person is unique, making every organization unique. We steer clear of a one-size-fits-all approach. Our human resources strategies are tailored to your organization, every single time!

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  1. ….that we won’t swoop in and take control. Your organization and team are yours to lead. We work hand in hand to understand your company’s uniqueness. Simply put: we work WITH you, not FOR you.

…no lengthy reports. Our advice is practical, delivered without complicated terms; we believe in taking action. We aim for concrete results and do not make things more difficult than necessary according to our motto: Always Simplify.


…that partnering with us is fun! While we handle professional matters seriously, we love to infuse our work with a spark of joy!

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