We are The Rookie Minds: A group of people from all walks of life. We all believe that people are the key to an organization’s success. Together we are on a mission: to humanize work. This is what we do every day, with a generous dose of energy, passion, and enthusiasm!

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Let’s delve into a slice of our origin story.

In 2015, the Founding Rookies established The Rookie Minds. Coming from conventional, hierarchical organizations, they asked themselves: What if we could create an organization where individuals thrive? What if we fostered an environment where each person’s unique talents are valued, allowing everyone to do what they excel at and find fulfillment? What if we trusted everyone’s capacity to make informed decisions and be accountable? Thus began the journey to pioneer fully self-managed work practices, a journey we continue to embark on.

For us, organizing is an adventure, a lifelong learning experience. We’re eager to share more about it with you! So, if you’re ready to put your people at the heart of your organizing, partner with us. You’ll not only gain a professional ally but also tap into the expertise of seasoned veterans!

We preach what we practice.

Impact is a popular word, but the Rookies really give it a concrete meaning. Because they listen, ask questions and are genuinely interested.

Brasserie the Utrechter

Imagine embarking on something entirely new, without the comfort of past knowledge and experiences. Pioneering means venturing into unknown territory. It involves daring to experiment and embracing failure, turning it into a learning opportunity. This approach only succeeds when you view the world with openness and a hunger for learning…

…in other words, with a Rookie mindset!

A Rookie mindset isn’t about age or experience; it’s about approaching tasks with fresh wonder and an open perspective. It requires curiosity about the world, the humility to admit you don’t have all the answers, and the courage to explore the unknown. The exciting part? Everyone has a Rookie mindset within them!

bussiness partners

Kimley Cox

Drive Talent

Putting the human back in recruiting. We connect companies and talent through mutual storytelling.

Edwin van der Geest


Playground for positive change. We know that we have treat the world differently. And yet change remains difficult. We help your organization make a difference.

Beau Goes

LeftField Studios

Crafting tomorrow’s opportunities today. Picture us at the playground where behavioral change and innovation meet.

Laura Soudijn

Trainer | Coach | Rookie for Life

Helping people and organizations on a structural basis is where my heart lies. I do this with equal attention to business goals and to the people who have to do it.

I think I’m a Rookie Mind too!