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We love to be your backbone or temporary safety net of tried and trusted professionals. If you are looking to distribute your roles in LEGAL, BUSINESS CONTROLLING or HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, be sure to use our expertise and knowledge whenever you want.

How we distinguish ourselves? We have collectively created a fully self-organized, distributed organization. By using the experiences of our own ongoing developmental journey, we are always looking to give your future of work a more human impulse. Not by telling you what to do, but by challenging the beliefs you are willing to fight for.

There is a lot of work involved to clear our minds of the old paradigms. All the stuff that work more as barriers than support for great human performance. We challenge you to liberate these previously unavailable energies. By tickling old mindsets in our own area of expertise.

1. From competition to collective. Your business is an intricate and interconnected web of relationships. To move business forward you have to humanize relationships and create impact and sustainable value to all the people your business touches. We handle all your legal affairs, privacy issues and contracts & agreements, consciously.

2. From jobs to potential. The challenges we are facing are changing fast and knowledge has become a fly-by-night commodity. To stay alive and kicking we must enable everybody to be the architects of their own growth, with an open, curious approach to work & life. We develop humans and their teams supporting continual self-renewal.

3. From fixed to fluid. Traditional performance management has run its course. To keep up and stay responsive, the flexibility of a control system needs to at least match the volatility of its environment to tackle the elements of uncertainty, turbulence and constant change. We are there to execute your business control, dynamically within your organizational design.

Change and the many challenges it implies are the only constants, as we navigate the twenty-first century. We need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Humanizing work and embracing new paradigms is a pattern of continuous improvement. We invite you to take ownership, by designing and running experiments around the tensions that are slowing you down or standing in your way. We start this never-ending journey by:

– asking questions, defining prejudices and challenging the status quo – in other words: inspiring you to stand up and take a long, hard look in the mirror;
– identifying the principles, values and ideas you are willing to fight for;
– bending, breaking, and – most importantly – rewriting the rules;
– weaponizing and championing your change with unwavering integrity.

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